Do you like videogame music?

Do you want to experience the sounds of one of the world's most rare game consoles?

Are you that nerdy type of person who doesn't hesitate a second if he gets the chance to breakdance to some old-school 8-bit protracker modules?


the kewl ppl at #cd32 proudly presents:

CD32 Radio logo by Hapablap

Playing the BEST sounds, CD-tracks and modules from memorable games of Commodore's prodigal videogame/multimedia console, the Amiga CD32.

Delivered to you in 128 kbps, 44.1 khz full stereo, and broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To listen, use your favourite MP3 player (must be capable of audio streaming) and tune in to http://kada.ath.cx:8000 to hear all those unforgetable & wonderful sounds from the best machine ever.

Need further help?

If you're on Amiga and using Amplifier, then you need to create a text file and put http://kada.dhs.org:8000 in it, and save it. Then load the text file into the player as a song (playlist) and you should hear the music playing.

If you're using AmigaAMP (included in AmigaOS 3.9) select open URL from the pull down menu, and type in http://kada.ath.cx:8000 and that's it. Instructions on how to use it can be found on this link.

If you're using Windows, go to www.winamp.com and download the latest version of WinAMP. When installed and launched, press CTRL+L and enter kada.ath.cx:8000 then click open. You should now hear the music playing.

Linux users, you probably know already what to do, otherwise go to www.xmms.org and install XMMS. When launched, press CTRL+L and enter kada.ath.cx:8000. You should now hear the music playing.

If you encounter any problems streaming from the radio, please e-mail Kada on kada@telia.com along with an error report, or visit us in #cd32 on irc.newnet.net.

CD32 Radio maintained by Kada, with contributions from Hapablap, Ridge & Lempkee. Logo by Hapablap.