Elsat CD32 ProModule

Quoting from the instruction Guide: 'The ProModule simply sits under the base of your CD32 unit and is joined at the rear of the case with the block connector supplied. After detaching the panel which covers the expansion port, place the CD32 on top of the ProModule casing and push the connector firmly into place, this will lock the two units togather. If you have the FMV cartridge installed, you will notice that the lock connector will accommodate for this as well.'

-8MB of RAM can be added
-PLCC Socket for 68882 FPU up to 50Mhz
-Bult in 3.5" floppy drive (PC style) configured for use as DF0:
-Real Time Clock
-Standard Amiga I/O ports (serial, parallel, video, ext Floppy)
-3.5" Internal IDE Drive
-10 Internal Jumpers for configuration options
-A standard PC type AT keyboard can be attached to the left of the module
-Has the option to use an external power source such as an A500/A1200 power supply