Name     : The Communicator

Supplier : Eureka
           Adsteeg 10
           6191 PX Beek(L)
           The Netherlands

Price    : 220DM or 130DM for Communicator Lite

Coming from Eureka in the Netherlands is The Commmunicator.

The Communicator enables the CD32 to communicate with any Amiga or PC.
It allows you to use the CD32 as a 2 way CDRom drive, view PhotoCD's
(with supplied software), make FMV or audio presentations and view
various image file formats such as GIF and PCX straight from CD.  It
will even allow you to view AGA images that are on a Non-AGA machine.
The Communicator also has support from Scala and MediaPoint, allowing
you to use audio or MPEG tracks in your Multimedia creations.

In addition, there is also a cut down version, The Communicator Lite,
which is the same unit without MIDI, keyboard throughport and expansion
capability.  Natuturally, this unit retails at a slightly lower price.

The Communicator plugs in the CD32 AUX port and the Amiga/PC serial port
and allows data transfer at 115200bps.

One of the best features of this package is the ability to view
PhotCD's.  Eureka's viewing software Photolite is included with both
models and does the job perfectly.

The Communictor also has built in presentation tools.  In a similar
style to Scala, you can create demo's etc from the material on your
CD's.  It can use CD Audio and MPEG and is capable of cutting between
different MPEG streams to genlock text over the top of it.  All of these
features including wipes, pages and transparency are controlled by the
remote Amiga.

To conclude, The Communicator is a great solution to the linking problem
plus it also has many specialized features which keeps it one step ahead
of the competition.  For speed of data transfer, it has no real advantages
over using the much cheaper Serial Link,  But it is the ease of actually 
making the transfer that will undoubtably become it's selling point.