CUBO CD32 Information

This text was originally by Gareth Knight which is the author of this Amiga page.
Developer: CD Express
Year of sale: 1994

The CUBO CD32 is a specially-customised CD32 that, like the Arcadia Amiga, has a place in the arcade rather than the home. The CUBO CD32
sold by CD Express in Milan. The arcade machine is configured via the keyboard port and the coin mechanism is configured into the control pad left/right buttons.

At the moment only two games are known to have been specially created for the machine - 'Candy Puzzle' (an Italian black jack game) and 'Laser Quiz France 1.0' (a French 10,000 question quiz). Several people that these games are written to use a custom-designed expansion board inside the machine, preventing their use on a standard CD32.