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News 21-June-2002

New review is up:

Benefactor review, and info by Lempkee. Yes, Lemp is back with an attitude.

News 19-June-2002

New large review is up: (Notice the last line in the review;)

The Big 6 review, screens and info by Bobbi!

News 18-June-2002

New review is up:

Gunship 2000 review, screens and info by Ridge.

News 17-June-2002

New review is up:

Syndicate review, screens and info by Ridge.
Beneath a steel sky review, info and screens by Kada. (Updated)

CD32 Emulation page is now updated.

News 16-June-2002

New review is up:

Beneath a steel sky review by Kada.

News 15-June-2002

New review is up:

Heimdall 2 review, screens and info by Ridge.

News 14-June-2002

New review is up:

James Pond 2 - Robocod review, screens and info by Ridge.

News 13-June-2002

New review is up:

Speris Legacy review, screens and info by Ridge.

Check also out the new "CD32 Radio" page from the menu!

News 12-June-2002

New reviews is up:

Super Stardust review by Kada (Screens and info by Ridge)
Zool review, screens and info by Ridge.

More reviews is on the way later today!

News 11-June-2002

New reviews is up:

Banshee review, screens and info by Ridge.
Rise of the Robots review, screens and info by Ridge. (I recommend this review ;)
Darkseed review, screens and info by Kada (Updated)

News 10-June-2002

New reviews is up:

Frontier - Elite 2 review, screens and info by Ridge.
Guardian review, screens and info by Ridge.

News 9-June-2002

More reviews is up:

Liberation review and info by Ridge (me).
Darkseed by Kada
Simon the Sorcerer by Hapablap

New Poll is added! "What is the worst CD32 game".

There is a streaming CD32 Radio for those who didn't knew that. Mostly people on #CD32 have known about this. Kada is running the streaming server and you can use Winamp among other programs to listen to it.

New subpages:

"CD32 Radio"
"Users on IRC"
"CD32 News Groups"
"CD32 Emulation"

Link to "CD32 ISO Source" is added on the SourceNet links menu.

This page should cover most things now and shows that it's still the #1 CD32 page on the net!

News 8-June-2002

Choose CD32 release list page on the top menu and then scroll to "Frontier" and check the template to see how this new infopage looks.

You can download the template here and write a review(s) and/or add info(s) on a game and then submit it to ridge@amiga32.com

The template for CDTV is here!

Write your name on it too so you get the credit yourself.

NOTE: All links everywhere on the page should be up-to-date and includes new aditions on the CD32 Cheats page.

Update 2:

"CD32 on IRC" and "CD32 Tech" is added on the menu so check it out.

Update 3:

SourceNet links menu is now 100%.

News 7-June-2002

The new design is made by none other than Hapablap :)

There is no more heavy load on the CD32 and CDTV release pages because each game will have a sub page with covers, screenshots, reviews and full info! It will be the most detailed ever for a game!

News 20-May-2002

CDTV 2 (Unreleased) pictures is added at the CDTV Expansion page.


And now the huge update.

Pictures of almost all known CD32 expansions and devices is added! Lots of rare stuff on this page now. In other words..Lots of cool shit :)


CD32 on Aminet link is also updated and menu is re-arranged.

News 7-April-2002

The messageboard is improved alot, so go and see for yourself with the messageboard link on the menu.

You can find many CD32 users on IRC.

Server: irc.newnet.net (Ports 6665-6667)
Alternate server: newnet.online.be
Channel: #CD32

You can find IRC clients here.

AmIRC (Amiga)


News 3-March-2002

This page is 2 years old today.


News 12-January-2002

Both release list pages for CD32 and CDTV is updated!

News 15-December-2001

Update: The Akiko CD32 emu is not illegal since they have released the UAE source for it.

A new CD32 game is in the works..It's a Resident Evil type game. More info when it arrives.



News 14-December-2001

A new URL can be used to acces this page.


A new page is added with older Poll's,
On the right side you can see the new Poll..


- The Akiko CD32 seems to be an illegal project because UAE is 100% free and the developer want money for UAE.

- A free CD32 emu is also in the works by the UAE Team.
- Sharks CD32 is added to the released page.
- ~30 CDTV titles is added on the CDTV page.

I am usually not posting any news about all changes on the page!



It seems thayt there finally will be a real CD32 emulator for PC. The emu is called Akiko as the CD32's C2P chip and are already running 80% of the existing CD32 library. You can check out the Akiko page here.

Most systems are emulated, but a some good systems are missing like CDTV, Atari Jaguar and 3DO.

Dreamcast is not counting because it's way to hard to emulate for any PC today.



I have finally put this page online again after some requests. This page has been updated the last 3 months mainly on the CD32 Released page with more CD32 game specs.



CD32 release page is updated. 

I have updated much more game info on the the CD32 release page.

New covers. 

Dinosaurs for hire CDTV
Global Effect CD32



CD32 release page is updated. 

There are about 40 new CD32 covers

1 new title is added: Guinness Disc of records CD32

Thanks to Thomas Waird for all these covers.



CDTV release page is updated! 

Several covers and CDTV titles is added!



New section is added and is called CD32 Collections.

Compilation 4 is added to the CD32 Compilation page!

Compilation 5 will contain all Cinemaware games ever released! 



New section is added and is called CD32 Compilations.
I have 3 compilations now!

I have got many more cd32 cover scans from Thomas W. and will add them to the page this weekend.

3 March was the 1 year anniversary for this page :)

News:- New covers  4-March-2001

Lots of Cover art is added including splines!


- Lotus Trilogy
- Mean Arenas
- Total Carnage
- Zool 2
- And ~30 more!


- Battlestorm
- Guy Spy
- Moving
- Prehistorik
- Tie Break

FMV Box Art and a rare Guardian CD32 cover art is added at the System Expansion page!

Information is added and corrected on several CD32 games too!

News:- CD32 Compilation 2  22-February-2001

CD32 Compilation 2
- Hired Guns, Rick Dangerous 1 & 2, Sensible Golf, Total Football and some more shit.

News:- CD32 Compilation 1  20-February-2001

The first CD32 bootable compilation is made!

Keep Blue button pressed to boot Addams Family while booting, FF Button to start Worms Director's Cut etc.

This is cool, and i' am currently working on more Compilations for CD32.

CD32 Compilation 1 (ISO ~150.MB)
- Addams Family
- Aladdin
- Alien Breed 3D
- BC Kid
- Cool World
- Flashback
- Giana Sisters
- Gods
- Lethal Weapon
- Wasted Dreams
- Worms - Director's Cut

News:- CD32 Compilations  18-February-2001

I will make several Game Compilations bootable on CD since i have used lot of time to make a standard menu system that will be used on all CD's.

11 games on each CD since the pad has 11 buttons. There will be a  startup script for each pad button pressed while booting.
The Lucas Arts and Microprose CD will require DF0: for saving games and some other games will require 3.MB RAM and more to boot on CD32.

None of them will contain fighting games that is released for CD32 except for SSF Turbo CD32

All CD's will be made 100% on my CD32 with Promodule w/HD, MakeCD etc. and burned with CD-R Win on PC.

Compilation - Fighting Games
- Capital Punishment
- Ultimate Body Blows Galctic
- Mortal Kombat 1 & 2
- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
- and more!

Compilation - Lucas Arts
- Monkey Island 1 & 2
- Indiana Jones 3 & 4 Adventure
- Zak McKracken
- Loom
- Maniac Mansion
- and more!

Compilation - Microprose
- Colonization
and more!

Compilation - Pinball Games
- Obsession
- Pinball 3D
- Pinball Mania

Compilation - Arcade
- Marble Madness
- Dynablaster
- and more!

Compilation - Racing
- Street Racer
- Super Cars 2
- Stunt Car Racing
- Xtreme Racing
- And more!

Compilation - Shooters
- Apidya
- Wings of death
- XP8
- R-Type
- X-Out
- Z-Out
- And more!

Compilation - Platform

- Lethal Weapon
- BC Kid
- Jim Power
- Giana Sisters
- And more!

More CD's not listed will also be made!

This list shows what can be done on the good old CD32 :)

And to all requesters..*********....not, but i will maybe release some later when i get a faster connection like ADSL.

News:- CD32  18-February-2001

New CD32 games is added  on the "Unofficial CD32 games!" page!

Turrican Trilogy - 2.MB RAM / Mouse
Wheelspin - 2.MB RAM

News:- Turrican Trilogy CD32  17-February-2001

Turrican Trilogy CD32

Click on the image to see the full size!

I have just been sitting and make Turrican Trilogy on CD32 Bootable with one Turrican for each CD32 pad button upon bootup. I used several hours on this shitwork.
Only Turrican 1 works, and T2 Intro works, but will not load more and T3 only black screen.
It worked 100% on a empty HD on CD32, so i think T2 and T3 are trying to write to the CD.

Is there any Turrican 2 and T3 versions that don't writes to CD ? Or do anyone know how to crack/redirect the saving to RAM ?

BTW: Also on the ISO/CD, i put the whole Turrican Soundtrack (Chris Huelsbeck) as bonus audio tracks. (70.mins)

There is also 3 different CD32 CD Audio players to choose from on this Turrican CD to play the wonderfull audio tracks.
If no buttons is pressed, a DOS ANSI menu fades in and shows what the CD32 boot buttons do.

 A lot of work is done to make the "Dream Trilogy CD" :-)

News:- News  15-February-2001

New CD32 games is added  on the "Unofficial CD32 games!" page!

Parasol Stars - 4.MB RAM / Mouse

News:- News  14-February-2001

New CD32 games is added  on the "Unofficial CD32 games!" page!

No second Prize - 2.MB / Mouse
Stunt Car Racer Turbo - 2.MB / Keyboard

News:- News  13-February-2001

New CD32 games is added  on the "Unofficial CD32 games!" page!

Apidya - working perfect and with trainer on/off on boot. 3.MB RAM / Mouse
TFX - Working perfect! Probably 4-5.MB RAM needed / Keyboard

TFX for the first time ever on CD32 ? :-)

News:- News  11-February-2001

A new CD32 Game list is added and that's "Unofficial CD32 games!" Requirements are on the list!

Slam Tilt is added! 4.MB RAM/Keyboard

Moonstone and Slam Tilt is having trouble on CD32, but work perfect in UAE in read only mode. It seems that the CD32 has trouble with the filesystem when using cdtv.tm, so i will try burning with cd32.tm on these 2 games.
I am working on transfering hd and disk games to bootable CD32 games.
Some games require more than 3.MB Chip, so Fast RAM is needed. I have 10.MB of RAM in my CD32, so it should be enough for every Amiga game. Some requires mouse and keyboard too.

These are succesfully bootable CD32 games and running which i have finished now.

- Burnout
- Moonstone ECS
- Roger Rabbit - Hare Rising Havoc
- Spherical Worlds CD
- Turbo Trax
- Wendetta 2175 CD (Not a CD32 game, since it needs 3 or 4 MB RAM)

I will announce more games that work as soon as they are finished!

News:- News  11-February-2001

CD32 Release list is heavily updated with info, but not games since it is 100% complete!
"Unofficial CD32 Games" section is added at the top.

I often updates this page without posting news about it.

News:- News  26-January-2001

CDTV (Added several titles) and CD32 release pages is updated!

News:- News  20-January-2001

A poll is added, so make your choice and vote! :-)

News:- News  17-January-2001

A Messageboard is added and you can find it marked in red on the left menu and here.

News:- News  10-January-2001

X-Fighter from Thalion is added to the Unreleased games page.

The proof in review snapshot is here!

2 CD32 covers is added!

7 gates of Jambala
Whales Voyage

Thanks to Alex Holland at the Thalion Shrine for the Thalion stuff!
The link is fixed now!

News:- News  06-November-2000

CD32 Released list is updated and the layout is a little better.

News:- News  05-November-2000

I have been thinking of making a CD32 ISO page with downloads, so
if you have any CD32 game to submit, then check the released list to see what i miss and what i own.

There  is almost impossible to buy a new CD32 game nowadays and lots of people that want some of the games can't buy it.

ISO Requirements:

The ISO Files must be packed with RAR and not ZIP
ZIP will destroy the bootblock on the CD.

If there are any Audio tracks on the game, then they should be packed to MP3 with atleast 128/Kbps or more if the sound is corrupt.

Mail to me here first!

NOTE: There is another mirror url to this page now!

News:- News  20-September-2000

On more game is added to the unreleased list, but was was finished and it is a Italian game that was for both CD32 and CDTV.

"Pinocchio" is the name of the game and was made by "TBA".

Thanks to Tim Merit for the info.

News:- Request  5-August-2000

Cover Request:

Base Jumpers
Labyrinth of Time
Psycho Killer CDTV
Wrath of the Demon CDTV

If someone have some scans of these covers, then it had been nice if you could mail it to me.

Covers added:

Super Frog CD32
Global Chaos CDTV

News:- Update  29-June-2000

I got several more CD32 games today from a friend where i live.
Released Games page is updated with this info on what i own.

Fury of the Furries
Simon the Sorceror
Speedball II
Super Frog

News:- Update  1-June-2000

This page is not abandoned, but i work alot on 2 other pages at:

www.movievibes.com/dvd and www.movievibes.com (Norwegian)

News:- Update  2-May-2000

I have scanned Front and Back covers for Xenon 2 CDTV and Myth CD32 and added them.

News:- Update  30-April-2000

I just recieved mail from Christian Steiner that his game "Sharks! CD32 Edition" is finished.:)
The price is 30.DM including package & postage.

You can e-mail C-Steiner@t-online.de for ordering or more information.

Elend has scanned and sent me Front and Back covers for Case of the Cautious Condor CDTV and Guy Spy CDTV including som additional info.

News:- Update  29-April-2000

I have been on Vacation the last 2 weeks, but now i am back with more updates.

Christian Steiner has informed me that his CD32 game called Sharks! is almost finished, so it will be released soon. This is also the first CD32 game to be released in 2000.

Thanks to these people here for the latest additions to this page like Covers and information about the games.
Game Guru, J. Berny and Bored Seal.

Defender of the Crown by Cinemaware is added to the CDTV page.

Frank Brandis informed me that Pinball Prelude is an Hybrid CD for Amiga/PC which is also bootable on CD32. This is the way companies should have released games for the 3 systems..:)

News:- Update  12-April-2000

Tons of info on CD32 games like Audio Tracks, Speech, NVRAM Support, Size etc.. is added, so check it out.

I need more info on the rest so it can be completed..:)

Thanks to John Streich for sending me all this great info. Some is also added from my own head. ;-)

Some CD info is also added on the CDTV page.

The CDTV release page is far from complete, so if you know of titles missing please mail me.

News:- Update  11-April-2000

Hutchinson's Encyclopedia F/B Covers is added

Additional info on CD32 Games is added.

3 Screenshots from Trolls CD32 is also added.

CD32 F/B Covers added and some is improved.

CD32 Sports Football
Emeral Mines
Fields of Glory
Humans III
Impossible Mission 2025
Lamborghini Challenge
Project X / F17 Challenge
Simon the Sorceror

Thanks to Game Guru for scanning all these covers.:)

News:- Update  1-April-2000

Misc Updates:

CD32 Covers Added:

Litil Divil - Back
Alien Breed - Tower Assault - Front and Back

Holiday Maker CDTV Front and Back covers added.
Thanks to Andreas Etzrodt for this CDTV Cover.

I have also added SX32 Pro images to the System Expansions page. Thanks to Ian Stedman for these Promotional Flyers and specs.

A570/A690 CDTV Drive for A500 is now also added the CDTV Expansions page.
Litil Divil CD32 page is added with Front and Back scans of the Box, Jewell Case Cover and The CD itself. Ingame snaps will be added when possible.
Thanks to myself for scanning Litil Divil..:-/
BTW: Litil Divil is also linked in the Gallery page.

NOTE: This page will be available offline on the next Amiga Plus CD in Germany..:)

I have also added link to another new CD32 page called - Ninjaw's Amiga CD32 page

News:- Update  27-Mar-2000

15 Titles is added to the CDTV page including the rest of my titles including the very rare CDTV Demo made Psygnosis with the Microcosm ECS CDTV Animation. :)
I have also added and corrected more information about the titles.

CD32 released page is updated with info on which games i own and they i want. Insight Dinosaurs and Technology CD's is also added now.

News:- Update  24-Mar-2000

Christian Steiner has sent me an updated CD32 cover for his upcoming game called "Sharks".

I got "flu" and will hopefully be better over the weekend so i will be more motivated for updating.

News:- Update  19-Mar-2000

CD32 covers is now added from the games: Chaos Engine, Emerald Mines and Trolls.

Thanks to Atreyu for theese covers.

Elend has sent me some more CDTV titles that i have added.

---> Sorry for the lack of updates, but i am working on a new Movie page that will
be up up at www.movievibes.com :) 

News:- Update  14-Mar-2000

CD32 covers is now added from the games: Fury of the Furries, John Barnes Football and Legacy of Soracil.

Thanks to Lazar Zoltan for theese covers.

Elend has sent me a great A570/A690 picture that will be added, including some specs that i will submitt from my own mind. :)

News:- Update  13-Mar-2000

Covers for both CD32 and CDTV is added. "Yes" means Front cover, and "F | B" means Front and Back Covers.

News:- Update  12-Mar-2000

The CDTV release is just heavily updated and improved with even more info.

News:- Update  12-Mar-2000

It had been nice if someone could mail me a picture of the Commodore A570/A690 CDTV adapter/player for Amiga 500. I own a A690 player myself, but i don't have a picture of it.

Elend has sent many CD32 covers that i will add to the released list page and lots of CDTV Titles info too, so thanks to Elend for all his great submitions.

News:- Update  12-Mar-2000

CDTV release page is updated with some titles and i have began to add more info on theese titles such as # of CD Audio Tracks and the Data used on the CD.

Thanks to John Streich for the CDTV submittions.

News:- Update  11-Mar-2000

Both CD32 and CDTV release pages is updated with several add-on's, and i still need more submittions from you on the CDTV section..:)

The CD32 should be 100% complete now or ???

Thanks to Marcus Castren for the submittions.

News:- Update  11-Mar-2000

6 Screenshots from Ultimate Xtreme Racing is now added in the WIP Games section.

News:- Update  10-Mar-2000

Sharks CD32 and Ultimate Xtreme Racing is added under WIP Games section.
I have also already got the CD32 Cover for Sharks and one ingame screenshot.

Even more games is under development, and i will add the games when i get more info.

News:- Update  10-Mar-2000

I have not been home for about almost 2 days, so here is a huge update!

First i wannal thank Shane Monroe, Bored Seal, Christian Steiner, Jimmy Sulter and Thorsten Schölzel for their great submittions to this page..:)

1.) Links Section on the left menu is updated with more CD32 page links
     including  the great brand new CD32 page from Shane Monroe at
    The Amiga CD32 Zone.

2.) More released game years on CD32 released titles page is added and some     minor spelling corrections.

3.) I am now the official mirror for the great CD32 FAQ by Shane Monroe.
     The faq does also contain images and it is also downloadable in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).

4.) Elsat CD32 Promodule, Paravision SX-1, DCE SX32 and CD32 specifications is now added and thanks to Jimmy Sulter for all this information.

5.) "Work in Progress Games" and "CD32 Cheats" sections is now also added.
     WIP Games is a section for CD32 games that currently is under development now in Year 2000..hehe

6.) I have also began to add more info about the released CD32 games and i really need your help on this one! Info to be added is Number of Audio Tracks, CD Size, Speech ingame and NVRAM Save Support!

News:- Update  8-Mar-2000

I will add the the Specs for CD32, SX-1, SX32 and Promodule tommorrow and thanks to Jimmy Sulter for sending me all this information.

Ultimate Xtreme Racing CD from Alive Media will be CD32 bootable..:)

I have added Cedric and Lost in Mine to the release list and i actually had them myself, but was stuffed away years ago..:)

Roger Rabbit CD32 is added to unreleased list.

News:- Covers  7-Mar-2000

Several covers are now added for Game Titles:

Arcade Pool, Beneath a Steel Sky, Fly Harder, Prey: An Alien Encounter, Super Skidmarks, Simon the Sorcerer, Subwar 2050 and Universe.

Thanks to Andreas Etzrodt for scanning and sending me theese great covers :)

Your Privacy Assured CD32 from Dark Unicorn Productions is added to the releases list. Thanks to Shane Monroe for this one.

Sexual Fantasies CD32 is also added

Fightin' Spirit is added to releases list, and i was unsure if this title ever was released, but now i got mail from Timothy De Groote which own the CD32 version
of this game and thanks to him for the information.

News:- Update  7-Mar-2000

I got a mail today to inform me that there is actually a new CD32 game on the way called "Sharks".:) More news when it's available on this title.

Some MPG's will be added as soon as i get more web-space and here is the list.

Cannon Fodder FMV Intro
CD32 TV Commercial PAL
CD32 TV Commercial NTSC
Seal - Killer Video

A very big thanks goes to Tore Bjoernsen in Norway for sending med theese MPG's.

News:- Update  6-Mar-2000

Gulp CD32 is added to releases list.

NOTE: Insight Technology, Insight Dinosaurs and Video Creator for CD32 is not on the release list, but i will add them too on it's on page among with other non-game titles.

News:- Update  6-Mar-2000

Strip Pot CD32 is added to the released games page and thanks to Shane Monroe at www.amigaemulation.com

If someone have the complete specifications for CD32 and CDTV, could you please mail to me here?

I also need the complete features for the Paravision SX-1, SX-32, Commodore FMV module and other FMV modules + Communicator II & III Features.

News:- Update  6-Mar-2000

The release list is now probably 98% after i have added 10 more games.

The unreleased is now as complete as it can be with 71 Games and many of them were finished, but never released. Look at the list and cry..:-/

I will add original screenshots too for most of the unreleased games

News:- Update  5-Mar-2000

The covers are now online for CD32, because i have moved to this super fast server..:)

News:- Update  5-Mar-2000

Released Games page is now almost 100% complete.
Unreleased games page is also updated.

News:- Update  4-Mar-2000

Released Games and Unreleased games pages are heavily updated again, but not complete yet.

News:- Update  3-Mar-2000

Released Games and Unreleased games pages is up.

CD Covers are not online yet since the Crosswinders ftp is so damn slow.

News:- Update  3-Mar-2000

This page was made today, and has a goal to be as complete as possible source for the AMIGA CD32.

Copyright(c) CD32 Source 2000-2005