Game Info: Alien Breed '92 - Special Edition




Presentation   4/10
Graphics  7/10
Sound  8/10
Music  7/10
Control  8/10
Gameplay  8/10
Total  8/10
Developer  Team 17 Programmer 1  Andreas Tadic
Distributed by  Team 17 Programmer 2  Peter Tuleby
Prod. Year  1993? (cd32) Programmer 3 (CD32 Code)  Stefan Boberg
Type  Shoot 'em up Sound & Music  Allister Brimble
NVRAM  no Graphics  Rico Holmes
HDSave  no Designer 1  Rico Holmes
Floppy Save  no Designer 2  Martyn Brown
CD32 Enhanced  no Accelerator Compatible  ?
Protection Fast RAM Compatible  ?
# of CD's  1 AGA / ECS  ECS
Case Type Jewell Game Modes and features  1-2 players,easy or hard
Big Boxed no # of CDDA  0
    CD Size  4.5mb
    Age Rating  
Reviewed  26-08-2002 EAN Code  
Release Date  xx-xx-1993? (cd32) Screenformat  PAL
Comment  "my mommy told there weren't any monsters,but there are" :)





Review By Hapablap


The story is about a research centre on the planet ISRC4.The military
have lost contact with them and sends in two IPC members called
"Johnson" and "Stone"(*cough*stereotypical*cough*) to check it out..
little do they know it's filled with aliens that want nothing else but to
kill off all humans...the alien breed

now on to the game..

i chose the option "easy" because..well i suck,ok :)

but what comes apparant after awhile is that this option isnt really "easy"
well unless youre a jap hardcore gamer that lives for shooters..but we arent
all that now are we? so this doesnt make any sense except to piss me off :)

the gameplay is very good and was probably quite an experience back in 1992.You
move around in the over-head angle (seeing everything from sky view) and collect
money to buy weapons and tools,and keys for opening doors.

You can also use the weapon to force a door open but i dont recommend this on
later levels because there you wont find much ammo lying around..and not a
computer to buy some either.

while on the subject ammo,one thing really frustrated me..when you die (yes this
happens ALOT) the ammo doesnt get what to do on a level if you dont
have any keys or ammo to open the doors (or to kill the aliens with)? die and have to restart the game..frustrating.Besides this little flaw
there isnt much else to complain about..well the aliens regenerate infinitely..but
i wouldnt call that a flaw..just makes it last abit longer.

There isnt much music except in the main menu,other than that there is only sounds
and humming noises..but this really adds to the atmosphere (atmosfear?) at one level
there is a countdown timer that starts after you have destroyed a couple of generators
and when that timer is beginning to's panic time :) yeah,it's awesome.

What i recommend before playing this game is: sleep,lots of coffee and PATIENCE!

i had one of those..lots of coffee = level 5 and then i was stuck..there ya go :)