Game Info: Beavers




Presentation   6/10
Graphics  6/10
Sound  6/10
Music  6/10
Control  4/10
Gameplay  8/10
Total  6.5/10
Developer ARC Developments Alt Title -
Distributed by Unique/UDS Programmer -
Prod. Year 1993 Composer -
Type Platform Graphics -
NVRAM No Designer -
HDSave No Accelerator Compatible Yes
Floppy Save No Fast RAM Compatible Yes
CD32 Enhanced Yes, Controlls, Some new AGA gfx (typical ham8 fades in bg) + fullscreen pictures
and the intro is refurbished
Protection No Game Modes and features - 1 Player
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA 0
Case Type Jewell CD Size -
Big Boxed No Age Rating None
Reviewed 22 August 2002 EAN Code  
Release Date December 1993 Screenformat PAL
Comment A great game With HORRIBLE controlls





Review By Lempkee

First of all i want to say that this game is actually great! , you just need to give it some time to get over the annoying controlls , i will explain why the controlls is bad and how to fix this problem, first of all "GET RIDD of your lame cd32 pad for this game, as thats useless for this game and whilst the honeybee (competetion pad) aint doing so good either,tou it will help you alot more than the cd32 pad (orginal). The controlls are basic,but they inserted a "SMALL STEP" function on the "UP" direction on the pad, so basically for the first times u try this game u will get alot of problems as you push UP accidentally, and since the bad level design on the first level you will get alot of problems and possibly just trow the game away.

How to fix that prob: there is no redefine CONTROLLS in this game,which would have saved this game ALOT!, but you can use a two button pad (ie SEGA MASTER SYSTEM PAD, or older competetion pro pads) as theese are alot better, and the other way is to use an honeybee and just dont press UP on the first level, Ill explain why only on first level later on..

The level designs: your first impression is that this is a plattform RUN FOR your life styled game, but this is only for the very first LEVEL ,after this its normal plattform based (u move the screen), level 2 is where the game gets FUN to play , as heree u will realize what the point is very fast , and 3rd level is an "GO UP (vertical) designed level, on level 8 it will repeat what level 2 was like (style) , levels are varied and have a nice design so its easy to play and remeber the structures.

Basically this is just another qute plattform romp with decent gfx,but it have VERY big bosses 
(every 7th level) and they are easy to get out of the buisness. After every level you get 3 extra lifes so you will have a chance atleast on the next level!

How the game play: Your mission is to collect as many stars as possible and you have to get the BEAVER hat (on the bottom of the screen) , this is normally hided in a smart place (except for level 1) , then there is the PICKUP's as yes u have pickups, you will have to grow plants so you can reach higher levels , normally mushrooms or such. After you have picked up as many stars as possible and got the hat you should find the exit (you will need a certain amount of stars to open the exit)

What do i think in general: well this game has been on my shelf for a LOOOOOOOONG time, i always have liked the gfx but the first level has more or less made me so angry that i didnt want to play it again, until now. I love the varied levels and the enourmous enemies (bosses) + there is so many difffent enemies at the levels so you wont go tired in a while. And i like the game because its not just a normal plattformer,as you have to do stuff, like Switches and use speical transporters to reach other places in the levels, and the weapon u have is your tail, and when he swings it.....well its very funny :D

Final verdict, cute as it can get but horrible in the same way due to very bad controlls, if you complete level 1 you will start to like this game, just give it some time and forget the UP direction button,atleast in this game :D