Game Info: Benefactor






Presentation   7/10
Graphics  7/10
Sound  9/10
Music  9/10
Control  8/10
Gameplay  10/10
Total  10/10
Developer Digital Illusions Alt Title -
Distributed by Psygnosis Programmer Thomas Andersson
Prod. Year 1994 Composer Olof Gustavsson
Type Puzzler/Action Graphics Patrik Bergdahl
NVRAM Yes Designer D.I.
HDSave No Accelerator Compatible Yes
Floppy Save No Fast RAM Compatible Yes
CD32 Enhanced GFX, Levels, CDDA AGA / ECS AGA
Protection No Game Modes and features - 1 Player
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA 17
Case Type Jewell CD Size 2.5 MB
Big Boxed Yes Age Rating None
Reviewed 21 June 2002 EAN Code  
Release Date   Screenformat PAL
Comment The Merry men ? ,yes they have a meaning





Review By Lempkee

did u ever try Loderunner or manic miner? , well if u ever did then u will get pretty nostalagic
about this title, as its more or less a mix between theese two and alittle bit of Prince of persia 
and another world.. At first glance this game is not much to look at, but after u played it for like 2 minutes u will feel the special and very well ANIMATED gfx,and the clean and nice gfx style, after like 10 minutes u will get more and more upset over the playbility as its pretty HARD to get into, but if u keep going even after u have thrown away 2-3 joypads then u will LOVE and cheerish this game.

The style of the game is pretty upfront,but its all about dooing the correct stuff so if anything goes wrong u must start againon the level , and it have a nice code system (and save) so u can continue if u like.

The style is more or less help the little "MERRY" men to the exit kinda, and get help from em to exit,
at first it seems hard due to big levels and very well level testing. But as i said before u will get past all levels if u can keep ur head straight (very hard sometimes)

This game proved that digital illusion could make other games than just PINBALLers,sadly this is the last really good game they made,atleast in my opinion, there was planned a sequel to this game but it never made it due to they left the amiga over pc and consoles.

IF UR A PUZZLE ADDICT THEN TRY THIS NOW! , if u like strange games THENTRY THIS NOW , if u like pretty and good designed games then TRY THIS NOW......if ur a 3d FPS LOVER then u should go and play on another console..