Game Info: Castles 2 - Siege and Conquest





Presentation   10/10
Graphics  7/10
Sound  5/10
Music  9/10
Control  9/10
Gameplay  8/10
Total  8/10
Developer Interplay Alt Title Castles II
Distributed by Interplay Programmer Byron Garrabrant
Prod. Year 1993 Composer Charles Deenen, David Govett
Type Strategy Graphics Leonard Boyarsky
NVRAM No Designer Vince DeNardo
HDSave No Accelerator Compatible Yes
Floppy Save Yes Fast RAM Compatible Yes
CD32 Enhanced CDDA, FMV, Intro AGA / ECS AGA
Protection No Game Modes and features - 1 Player
- 3 Difficulties
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA 1
Case Type Double Jewell Case CD Size 42.5 MB
Big Boxed No Age Rating None
Reviewed 29 June 2002 EAN Code 026102008091
Release Date   Screenformat PAL
Comment Check that simple, but fantastic intro!



Review By Ridge

Castle 2 is a middle-age based strategy game with castles. But first i have to tell about the intro because it's so simple and is damn good. Not many have the skills to make an simple intro so good as this one. Liberation intro was kinda simple, but top notch, but this one is smaller. The castles 2 intro contains only still images with a running CDDA track with kick-ass speech, soiund and music timed with the pictures. The running time is only over 1 minute, but is so good that you must reset the game to watch it over and over again. The intro contain pictures of people in armour etc.. which are fighting with timed CD sound effects and a narrator which telles the story. The music is made by none other than the great Charles Deenen from Maniacs of Noise. The CD intro track is also the only CD track on the whole game. The enhancements ingame is black & white videoes at the bottom right screen that pops up sometimes.

The game itself is actually unique because the main goal is to build castles and you can also see the progress. There is also possible to win land parts by fighting and you also have stats on your resources. The progress pictures of the castles is very nicely done and is shown full screen. In the original game box there is a note that let you know that you only can save the game to a floppy drive which CD32 originally don't have, but says that Commodore will release an adapter for the console later. It was never released so they with a CD32 without expansion could't save the game progress.
The good thing is that SX-1 expansions came not long after the console release so they who bought it could save games, but also get a full Amiga system at the same time. And again... I really recommend you to see this intro.. Who needs boring, long and fancy introes when you can get a short non-animated intro which is way better?