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Presentation   8/10
Graphics  8/10
Sound  10/10
Music  10/10
Control  8/10
Gameplay  8/10
Total  9/10
Developer Euphoria Alt Title -
Distributed by Gremlin Programmer
Prod. Year 1994 Composer
Type Shoot Em Up Graphics -
NVRAM NO Designer Euphoria
HDSave NO Accelerator Compatible Yes
Floppy Save NO Fast RAM Compatible Yes
CD32 Enhanced YES,new controllsystem+ CDDA AGA / ECS ECS
Protection NONE Game Modes and features
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA NONE
Case Type Big Boxed+Jewel CD Size
Big Boxed YES Age Rating -
Reviewed 26 August 02 EAN Code -
Release Date mid 94 Screenformat PAL
Comment The ultimate Cd32 Shoot Em Up ? ?





Review By Lempkee

First of all: i must say that this is a HARD game but a damned nice one,this cd version doesnt have too much added really as its still ECS gfx and in general the same SMOOTH controls,i had expect AGA gfx but after i played it for a while i got so into it and the gfx is pure and clean and its groundbreaking to be ECS.

Playbility: The ship response is a tad overdone when you use a cd32 pad but it will do if you dont have any other controller available,the levels are easy to remeber so there shouldnt be too much of a hassle to complete the practice mode for all of you guys. There is so many diffrent enemies in this game and they are so well done that wendetta and projectX will be bad compared, and it aint as easy as wendetta nor so hard as Project X is so this title will and should offer a lot to all of you shoot em up fanatics.

Music,and FX: the cdda is so fine that you would want em in mp3 and play all day, the music are maybe some of the best you will find on your cd32 as this is as good as it gets,the music fits the game perfectly and it will give you some andrenalin for your amusement:)),sound Fx are great and you wont get that annoyed look after a while :D

Additional Info: the game has a intro, small one but the first thing you will notice is the t2 simmilar sound in the start, and its the same you will notice in CAPITAL PUNISHMENT (cd32) demo and the A1200 demo, the reason is more or less that its the same crew who done both titles but they quitted capital punishment in the middle of the project due to bad management in ClickBoom. The team (Euphoria) and Terramaque (who made Elfmania) are now only on GBA developing games there (Sob sob ;( ) but i spoke to them a few months back and they might support other consoles in the future but not back at the amiga ,atleast not until its back where it belongs (AS THE NUMBER ONE :) )