Game Info: The Misadventures of Flink




Presentation   1/10
Graphics  9/10
Sound  3/10
Music  9/10
Control  9/10
Gameplay  9/10
Total  8.9/10
Developer Inhouse Alt Title Flink
Distributed by Psygnosis Programmer Erwin Kloibhofer
Prod. Year 1994 Composer Dave Lowe, Matthias Steinwachs
Type Platform/Puzzle Graphics Henk Nieborg
NVRAM No Designer Heskeths
HDSave No Accelerator Compatible Yes
Floppy Save No Fast RAM Compatible Yes
CD32 Enhanced GFX, Levels, CDDA AGA / ECS AGA
Protection No Game Modes and features  
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA 17
Case Type Jewell CD Size 1.5 MB
Big Boxed Yes Age Rating None
Reviewed 22 June 2002 EAN Code  
Release Date   Screenformat PAL/NTSC
Comment Where is the intro ?





Review By Lempkee

Review by Lempkee

first of all, this game is missing one big thing....PRESENTATION, there is NOTHING here at all
it seems rushed, no music no logos (except for the PSYGNOSIS logo....) and thats about all.
After u have pressed start (set some options maybe,like more lifes and such options) u get a nice
presentation over the first LEVEL,a map scrolling from TOP and down to where u will start your quest,
nicely done,along with the nice gfx in the map screen u have a very suitable cdda track for your pleasure.


This is the funny part really, its a plattform game with puzzle elements wich can feel like a rpg in many ways, the puzzle elements is based upon what u collect after killing enemies (either jumping on em or throwing stuff at them) as u will then be awarded with an ingredient to make a spell later on, there about 40 diffrent spells in the game. The puzzle part is not needed really,but is a nice treat to people who is more or less sickened out of cute plattformers with just jump 'n run phenomens where u have seen all before more or less....

Basically the rest of the game is self explaining,but there is some nice touches in this game and they saved all the good stuff till the end more or less, as far as i know this is ONE OF THE FEW games to support the AKIKO chip so be prepared for the last levels.

There is some stuff in this game that will help u alot, like the 60hz button the pad , as in 50hz its pretty slow, so u can switch to ntsc with this button (nice feature) , then the game will move better.

New stuff:

This is one of the few games to impress me with extra's stuff (besides Brian the lion) , as u can Grab edges (nicely aninmated) and u can hold onto chains,move stones (big ones) (drag and push and lift) , u can jump onto hidden places and grab em with your hands (several hidden around the levels (u get hints along your quest (normally i go back and forth in this game to get life upgrades anyway)
and for the magic stuff , well there is tons of spells to be made and some is : Flying, Shrinking, growing, get a friend,jump over a level and many more.

You can also fly in the game without a spell, but this needs alot of practice, as u must throw enemies onto the flying machines (with an enemy inside), in the start ur better off not to try and get em, but if uwant all the bonuses etc the GO FOR IT! :D

There is also many places in the game theese skills is required, so u better learn all until u get there, on one level its very hard to understand what to do because it was all explained in a Scroll u picked up like 10 levels before this, but there is always options to read the scrolls while u play even later in the game,and ofcourse mix spells while u play.

The spells can be mixed WRONG, and here u will see just about every psygnosis game ever made :D , pretty funny stuff, all from lemmings to walkers will turn up while u mix wrong :D and they will nnot work (the spells) so u must either try again or even worse find new elements so u can mix again (as the pickups is limited and alot of diffrent ones)

Such elements as this and so many was totally new to me back when this game came (1994) and even now im impressed.


This game was never made for the A1200 or the a500, one of the FEW cd32 ONLY titles, but this game is also on other consoles and also it's sequel called LOMAX.

The rest of the game (all infact) is very well done gfx wise and music wise , but the sound part is very bad, and at times very ANNOYING but if u can live with bad samples then u will love this game.

Yet again another top notch game ,even for people that doesnt even like normal plattformers.