Game Info: Frontier: Elite 2





Presentation   10/10
Graphics  9/10
Sound  8/10
Music  9/10
Control  8/10
Gameplay  10/10
Total  10/10
Developer David Braben Alt Title Elite 2
Distributed by Gametek Programmer Elite 2
Prod. Year 1994 Composer David Braben
Type Space Sim Graphics Dave Lowe
NVRAM Yes Designer David Braben
HDSave Yes Accelerator Compatible Yes
Floppy Save Yes Fast RAM Compatible Yes
CD32 Enhanced N-AID, PAD AGA / ECS ECS
Protection No Game Modes and features - 1 Player
- 1 Difficulty

- CD32 Pad
- Keyboard
- Mouse
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA None
Case Type Jewell CD Size 650K
Big Boxed Yes Age Rating None
Reviewed 10 June 2002 EAN Code  
Release Date   Screenformat PAL / NTSC
Comment The best ever space simulation!





Review By Ridge

Frontier is the second game in this still popular realtime space-sim series. This game is endless large and you can use years to complete it. It contains over 100.000.000 planets and solar systems with names! You Start the game with a small, but fast spaceship with almost no cargo space. It's best to start with som military packages to get money. Then i would recommend selling the missiles to get more cargo space so you can ship more stuff. You is freely so you can choose your own career as bounty hunter, (il)legal goods trading, mining etc... A spacestation contains several screens and they are BBS for job announcements, Military shop, goods shop etc.. The music is mostly by famous classic composers and contains some large hits and there is some original songs too.

There is good games on consoles like Game Cube and Dreamcast, but this beats every game ever released almost after 10 years. So much to do and so much fun even after years of playing!
The only game which can beat this on is the upcoming Elite 4.