Game Info: Gunship 2000




Presentation   10/10
Graphics  9/10
Sound  10/10
Music  9/10
Control  10/10
Gameplay  10/10
Total  10/10
Developer Microprose Alt Title GS 2000
Distributed by Microprose Programmer  
Prod. Year 1994 Composer  
Type Flight Sim, Strategy Graphics  
NVRAM Yes Designer  
HDSave No Accelerator Compatible Yes
Floppy Save No Fast RAM Compatible Yes
CD32 Enhanced CDDA, GFX, Intro, Sound AGA / ECS AGA
Protection No Game Modes and features 1 Player
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA 5
Case Type Large Digi Pack CD Size 157 MB
Big Boxed No Age Rating None
Reviewed 18 June 2002 EAN Code  
Release Date   Screenformat NTSC
Comment Is this the best and most varied flight sim ever?



Review By Ridge

Gunship 2000 is made by the simulation specialists Micrprose. This game is plain awesome and is more varied and more intelligent than almost any home flight system ever on any machine. When you put the CD in a cd anim splits up the Microprose logo and then a kick-ass intro starts... There is a chopper hunting down targets and is very cool made and the music is made to fit it perfect. After this you can see the main menu and roster. When you start, you start at the bottom and have only one chopper and you have a low rank. There is 2 campaigns to complete and that is Europe and Mid-East.
After you have started a campaign, you will enter a mision briefing screen with nice presentated screens about the missing and a map. After this you will enter the chopper upgrade screen so you can fit the type weapons that you think will fit the mission. The next screen is the last and here you can adjust the realism and start the game.

Whemn you start the game you start on either land or on a hangar ship. The ingame map for planning the mission is just plain awesome and easy to use. You can set your waypoints there and you can also see where your chopper is hurt most. The chopper itself have a nice video screen in the middle of the cockpit and you can switch "channels" on it to see stats, distance to waypoints etc..
The later and better choppers do even have 2 monitors so you can use 2 different screens at the same time..nice. When you have completed a target you must fly back to base and land to complete it 100%. There is a secondary mission too but you must not complete those, but i strongly recommend this because you will increase your rank faster. You have a secondary pilot that talks to you all the time so you will know where the enemy are shooting missiles etc.. at you. This works damn good and there is sound for everything.. The ambient sound, engine sound is very good and everything is plain awesome. You can hear missiles, bullets etc.. whining right right before you etc... You also have the possebility to use a missile view into the target or from the target to have even more fun. It's also possible to speed up the time so you can fly faster, but it can later in the game be very easy to be shoot down because you can't see the enemy fast enough. Don't use it too much. ;)

On a successfull mission you will get fanfare and maybe get some higher rank and/or medal to add in your collection. You can also get a medal several times including purple heart. The medal to go for is the nice looking Congress medal. When you get higher up in the rank, you will get up to 4 wingmates so you can then control up to 5 choppers at once! This is where the game get's even better. You can now fly both missions at once. You can send a second team to the other target and if you are precise you can even pick up soldiers etc.. without even being there or shoooting the shit out of enemies.
Even your wingmates can be promoted and get medals and you can choose yourself who should be promoted.

The wingman AI is very good and they kinda live their own life, but you can give them orders of course. The enemy do have lots of different vehicles like tanks, choppers, Mig planes, trucks, tents etc.. Most are russian actually. I don't think there exist a more fun simulator out there and most of the newer ones are more boring, but have usually better GFX. We all know that the GFX isn't the same as gameplay. When Gunship 2000 was released, it looked awesome at the time and was way better than the crappy PC version. This is a game that is on a top 10 list of the best games ever and is almost as fun as Elite Frontier. Too bad this game have an end, but until then you will have tons of fun and even start the game all over again. This game is perfect!