Game Info: Lamborghini American Challenge





Presentation   5/10
Graphics  5/10
Sound  5/10
Music  5/10
Control  8/10
Gameplay  8/10
Total  6.5/10
Developer Titus Alt Title Crazy Cars 3
Distributed by Paragon / Titus Programmer Frederic Gerard
Prod. Year 1994 Composer Michael Knaepen
Type Racing Graphics Francais Fournier
NVRAM No Designer Richard Hooper
HDSave No Accelerator Compatible No
Floppy Save No Fast RAM Compatible No
CD32 Enhanced CD32 Pad, 2 Player AGA / ECS ECS
Protection No Game Modes and features - 1-2 Players
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA 3
Case Type Jewell CD Size 62.MB
Big Boxed No Age Rating  
Reviewed 13 August 2002 EAN Code  
Release Date April 1994 Screenformat PAL
Comment The Jag's a Drag and forget Lotus





Review By Lempkee

First of all, alot of the people will remeber this game beeing almost identical to "crazy cars 3" on the Amiga500 , and well it almost is but there is some differences that is changed to the better in Lambhorghini Challenge, It has VS mode so finally you can race the FULL game with a friend, this is a big plus for alot of people,tough i like to play CHAMPIONSHIP mode (as im playing on my own),
There is also some new features in the remake of this Crazy cars 3...

First of all the graphics is dated and not AGA , the sound is very limited, and maybe thats why they released it for free on the cd32? , they just bundled it with cd32 gamer issue 7 (special 1) , i dont want to even complain as i was a big fan of Crazy cars 3 so im rather happy.

It doesnt have any SAVE/pass methods wich is annoying, i will tell u why soon.
(the Save mode is on the DiskVersion)

What is the point of the game:

Well you are a illegal racer, and you are competeing against 19 other racers, the main task is to get enough money to buy a "PASSPORT" so you can get Up a division and you start in division 4,with alot of races to choose from (starting at 1000 and highest one 26000 , if you win the race at 26000 then you get 52000,- , wich is the cool part :D  Division 3 doubles it , divison 2 tripples it and well division 1 u get more than 6 times per race) An good example is : u need 500.000 to join THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE (last passport (division 1 END))

So all of the point is really to win (OH?:D) and race like a crazy man in a fast car And you can place bettings with other people ,so if you win you might even get a bonus.


4 divisions of 20 Diffrent stages per division (+ passport run) , You have Energy on the car
Cops will have speed controlls so if your speeding then you will have the cops on your tale,and they will try to destroy your car Betting ,a good trick here is to always "SEE" the other peoples , ie they bid 1200 , and then you just bid 1200 also, then they will raise you...and it continues :D You have a Shop , where you can buy diffrent stuff (all divisions are diffrent),ranging from RADARS (to know where cops are) , bigger Gearbox (will allow 301 KM/t on division 4),Turbo and repair + tires You activate The TURBO with the BLUE button on the PAD (red is throttle) Highest speed reachable is 403km/t (wich is pretty fast) There is not Endless of upgrades on the turbo, so you should use them carefully (6 i belive (in total)) There is a Secret car in the game (costs 200.000)  There is upto 6 gears for the gearbox (division 2) You can get spiked tires The Passport runs can be very hard,but a good tip is to get into max speed (dont use a turbo) and drive off the road)

Minus Points:

The game is BIG , and it takes a while to complete (in time) (i used 7 hours with no trainer) and without a SAVE or password option,well you can get rather Sick of it. If you dont play wise,and loose a race then u might be game over (if you choosed the most expensive race and lost,and then no more money) The game is VERY hard if you start all wrong,if you get into it then u might end up beeing able to complete the first division (4) very fast.....WEIRD! :D The Passport runs have STILL the fucked sound from crazycars 3 , buggy and annoying , im amazed that this bug have been in the game since 1992, u cant hear the engine , no real sound etc (the cd is in perfect condition) The End of game is rather small,tough funny :D very funny indeed, lame that u cant continue where you left off (ie begin on the beginning again with all your money and upgrades)

This is one of the good/OK racers on the cd32 and its CHEAP (infact almost for free),and there is a reason for that,but id guess it wouldnt have hurted with AGA gfx and real cddasupport.

If you have dried up of games,then u should give this title a try,as its really nice in many ways.
(this game got 93% in cuamiga/Af? back in 1992 when it was released for the first time)

I cant give all the games a high score so thats why i love this game so much but still hate it abit also, but if you like oldskool drivers....then THIS is a game for YOU! ,as it have a nice twist!