Game Info: Simon The Sorcerer




Presentation   8/10
Graphics  10/10
Sound  7/10
Music  8/10
Control  9/10
Gameplay  9/10
Total  9/10
Developer   Adventure Soft Alt Title  
Distributed by - Programmer Alan Bridgman
Prod. Year 1994 ? Programmer Mike Woodroffe
Genre Adventure Composer Media Sorcery
NVRAM Yes Graphics Paul Drummond
HDSave No Screenformat Pal
Floppy Save No Accelerator Compatible -
CD32 Enhanced Speech,Soundfx Fast RAM Compatible -
Protection None AGA / ECS AGA
# of CD's 1 Game Features Sarcastic Humor :)
Case Type Jewelcase # of CDDA 0
Big Boxed No CD Size 268Mb
Reviewed 08-June-2002 Age Rating -
Release Date   EAN Code -


 The best adventure game for CD32



Review By Hapablap

I have loved 2D point-and-click adventure games ever since i played Monkey Island so
Simon The Sorcerer is a given game for me.It's about a kid that ends up in a magical world
with a medievil theme and ofcourse a evil wizard.The disk version of this game lacks speech and 
that is something you really want,the voice acting is really great and makes one laugh many times,
in other words the CD32 version is a must to fully appreciate this game.