Game Info: Syndicate






Presentation   9/10
Graphics  8/10
Sound  8/10
Music  3/10
Control  8/10
Gameplay  10/10
Total  10/10
Developer Bullfrog Alt Title -
Distributed by Electronic Arts Programmer Peter Molyenux
Prod. Year 1995 Composer  
Type Action Strategy Graphics  
NVRAM Yes Designer Peter Molyenux
HDSave No Accelerator Compatible Yes
Floppy Save No Fast RAM Compatible Yes
CD32 Enhanced No AGA / ECS AGA
Protection No Game Modes and features - 1 Player

- CD32 Pad
- Keyboard
- Mouse
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA 0
Case Type Jewell CD Size 2.86 MB
Big Boxed Yes Age Rating None
Reviewed 17 June 2002 EAN Code  
Release Date   Screenformat PAL
Comment One of the best games ever on any system



Review By Ridge

Bullfrog did make this wonderful game and it's maybe their best game ever except for Powermonger. In Syndicate you must control 4 cyborgs/men in 50 missions in different countries all over the world to complete the game. There is a good selection of weapons and have weapons like Flamethrower (Nice one), Pistol, Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher etc.. You also have gadgets so you can persuade other people to be on your side. You can after awhile control a good bunch of people.. Nicely done when you think that the game is playable on an old A500. If this isn't enough, you can even drive cars, trains, walk into building and even upgrade your men in the game.

 The city is real life so you can see lots of people moving around and living their life. Impressive...This realtime action strategy is plain awesome and is extremly fun until the end. This game have a nice flamethrower so you can barbeque the enemies and when they burn, they scream like pigs. There is so much sound in the game so if it had some CD audio, it had to be some ambient music so it don't override the sound. So mainly there is only one feature that i miss and that is a serial link option, but is not needed. The Graphics could have been AGA enhanced too of course.. Powermonger is an other advanced realtime strategy by Bullfrog on A500 and it had serial link that worked well so it's strange that the later game Syndicate didn't have it. Anyway Syndicate is as good as GOLD!