Game Info: The Lost Vikings




Presentation   8/10
Graphics  8/10
Sound  8/10
Music  8/10
Control  9/10
Gameplay  9/10
Total  8.9/10
Developer Synaps Alt Title Lost Vikings
Distributed by Interplay Programmer -
Prod. Year 1994 Composer -
Type Platform/puzzle Graphics -
NVRAM No Designer -
HDSave No Accelerator Compatible Yes
Floppy Save No Fast RAM Compatible Yes
CD32 Enhanced CD32 Pad AGA / ECS ECS
Protection No Game Modes and features - 1 Player
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA 0
Case Type Jewell CD Size 3.MB
Big Boxed No Age Rating NONE
Reviewed 24 August 2002 EAN Code  
Release Date 1994 Screenformat PAL
Comment Vikings with an attitude





Review By Lempkee

First of all This game is so FUNNY that you might need to write the comments down on a paper or so and send me one day, normally when adding puzzle + humour to a game it gets pretty fast sour,well not on this on i can guarentee you that, sadly they didnt do much with the cd32 version but what im going to tell you here might understand why :)...

The plot:

You are on a quest to kill your arch rival "TOMATOER" who has sent you back in time and to complete the levels/game you and your 2 buddies will have to do TEAMPLAY all the way from the start , as only 1 man can JUMP and SMASH walls with his head another man use a Sheild to protect all 3 with (2 positions) and he also can GLIDE whilst haveing the sheild over his head , the third and final guy is as important as everyone else and he have weapons a multi moveable SWORD (to kill mummy's , tex) and a BOW and Arrow , if you loose any you should start again afer u tried to figure 
the level out with the remaining guys, you have endless of tries and there is a password mode incase you want to power the game off , none of theese make the game any less playable :D
The mission is to put TOMATOER out of buisness and get back to your own time.

The Level Design:

One thing is for sure, they used alot of time and CAREFULLY worked on the level desin , starting at level 5 to get abit harder,but you wont get upset before you're on level 10 or so,the learning curve is damned smooth, the levels are more or less filled with switches to activate diffrent stuff, and you will be able to talk to diffrent people and to all who know "hapablap" from irc/email then i could inform you that it seems that its hapablap who made the dialouges in the game,or copied em atleast (you will laugh your head off in the Forest levels :)) , some levels require that you first help out your two friend past some stuff and then 1 of you must go back and all the way round the level on your own,nice touch and added more playbility, Every 5th level has a theme change of both msx and gfx style.

The Password system:

first of the password are like very cool and funny, there is level passwords as "GR8T"(short for GREAT) , "JLLY" (short for jelly) etc, inact u will remeber em quite easily,in the main menu you have the password system wich is quite easy and no niggles, perfectly done.

The Controlls:

This is the only thing thats changed over the A500 version is the controlls as they are using the cd32 pad 100% and actually they are so good that you will enjoy playing the game with the orginal pad even,tou you will get a bit furious at level 16,17 , the controlls are some of the best i have seen on any cd32 game,as all the buttons are like positied where u want em, there is no redefine buttons and well its NOT NEEDED. Direction pad is UP/L+R/Down , Red: JUMP , Sword , Sheild , Blue: Bow and arrown,Smnash Wall with head + Sheild , Yellow: Call up the trade / use top menu (U have to be close to the other players to trade ITEMS) , GREEN: USE Switches/teleporters etc , FF: Use food/power up you have picked up and selected , RW: switch among players.

The Final stuff:

This game is as good as it gets really , the only reason why i didnt give it a full score is that its a cd32 game using 2 megs or so of the CD and thats a waste of space in my opinion, they could have atleast done the music to cdda , but no it aint. TLV 2 has speech aswell, but tlv is better in gameplay and not as boring as tlv2 is more or less the same for like 10 levels at a time, tlv2 and its speech is the only reason to check it out as they are funny,but TLV Cd32 really is alot better even if Tlv2 is 4-5 years new'er. With speech or cdda this game (TLV) would have acchived maximum score, but i wont as that might have given you too much on an "I WANT IT NOW" feeling, but you should get this title now as you will love it.

ps: i would like to thank "hapablap" for giving me the RETRO feel on everything, as he/you reall write like
some of the people you meet in this game, so you man :P :)