Game Info: Wendetta 2175




Presentation   8/10
Graphics  8/10
Sound  8/10
Music  9/10
Control  8/10
Gameplay  8/10
Total  8.2/10
Developer Vortex Alt Title Super Stardust 2
Distributed by Skills Programmer -
Prod. Year 1996/97 Composer -
Type Shooter Graphics -
NVRAM No Designer Vortex
HDSave No Accelerator Compatible Yes
Floppy Save No Fast RAM Compatible Yes
CD32 Enhanced Multiversion AGA / ECS AGA
Protection No Game Modes and features -
# of CD's 1 # of CDDA None
Case Type Jewell CD Size 32.MB
Big Boxed No Age Rating None
Reviewed 15 August 2002 EAN Code  
Release Date March 1996 Screenformat PAL
Comment The Smoothest and most sexy horizontal shooter ever made for AMIGA Cd32





Review By Lempkee

Ok here you are , with the game people hated and loved and i will explain why.

FALSE OR TRUE ? : Superstar Dust 2 ? FALSE ,why? , because this game was made by a totally diffrent crew, and was never meant to be a SSD clone, and that you will understand pretty fast if you play this game, YES it have rendered gfx (like SSD) and it have asteroids in it (like SSD) and yes it has gorgoues scene oriented musci (like SSD) but its not SSD 2 :D

First of all the game is divided in 6 levels, first level is a Horizontal type of shooter and its pretty 
limited on weapon upgrades (2 levels) but that doesnt mean diddly as the game is still pretty easy and playable, after you have completed level 1 things start to happen,like u never have seen it before as Level 2 is a tunnel  ala ssd but only with a true demo scene styled dot tunnel, and the way tunnel moves affect your ship handling. Level 3 is a Space harrier style of level etc and after that it just keeps goin further into new and special ideas but there is 1 thing missing and thats "VERTICAL" ,anyway i wont reveal all :D 

This game is made by demosceners and that is something (like SSD) you will find out pretty fast, the music is remixed work from his earlier demo/music disk carriere,alot of people belived that it was ripped and stolen but its not,just email them and ask them who vortex is :D

The Gfx from intro (8 minutes long) till the END of game endtro is done with a nice and cool style and you will even notice that some of it is made in HAM (4096) mode due to this game was aimed at A500 in the start but was more or less taking too much time to make so they remade what they could and released on the a1200/a4k and Cd32 (multi version on 1 cd)

The Ending of the game (last level + END scroller + pictures/gfx) is done in a way,well lets put it like this , for the first time ever i felt i had accived something when i came to level 6 (tough the game is easy) and met the awesome leveldesign (wich beats anything i had ever seen + still not seen in anygame till this date) after u whack the boss u get the endscroller and thats when i got like.....HEH! how could they even have got this idea? :D , pretty cool and in many ways u deserve it..

This game is an official CD32 release but it came too late to really make something special out of it, the possibility to run it on your amiga1200/a4k is just a bonus but running it from the a1200/a4k will require 1 meg FAST also (and 2mbchip), you could easyly get it to run on a basic a1200 if u like as u just copy all to your hdd and start from boot with no startup.

When running this on your cd32 , it will require 2 things (as documented in the manual) BOOT the game in fast boot mode (put cd in cd32,close tray and POWER on your cd32 and keep your joypads/*joysticks plugged OUT of the console until u are in the menu of the game (after the intro) (u can plug it in when the intro appears and press a key to skip it and unplug your pad/joy again)

(i have the same thing in Banshee (core) also)

I finnished this game in less than 90 minutes, well its worth it and it have a nice 2 player mode wich will keep you comming back for more, this is not as polished as Disposable hero's nor Project X , but this one you will atleast complete without a MAJORLY big trainer + impossible levels (level 3 on px anyone ? :D)

final note:

THIS IS NOT SUPER STARDUST 2 , this is only a rumour a lame MAGAZINE released back in the days. This game was reviewed in the LAST ever cd32 magazine and got a rating of 94% , and thoose still unreleased games as: PUTTY SQUAD 92% And Rally Champion 90% and Turbo Trax got a mere 86% , rest of the magazine was more or less empty for any "COMMING SOON" or "WIP" stuff 
(how sad)