CD32 Keyboard port

(Info extracted from here:
!!!! The People at CD32 Source refuse to take responsability 
      for ANY damage this might cause to your hardware !!!!!

(view on the solder-side; 6pin mini-DIN female-type)

              .--..--.    (*) Pin 1  I/O   Keyboard DATA
             /       \            2   O    /TxD
            :  6 * 5  :           3        logic GND
            : 4  *  3 :           4        +5 Volt DC
            :         :           5  (I)/O Keyboard CLOCK
            --: 2 1 :--           6   I    /RxD
              :     :
              ------- <---shield

->(*) :
you may hook up a A4000-type keyboard to the CD32.
For the A4000-kb-port the +5V power supply is limitted to a
maximum current of 100mA

The signal-lines TxD and Rxd are reversed and carry 0 / 5VDC level

For the signal-translation form the 0-5VDC source to the standard
RS232-level (-12VDC / +12VDC) you may choose the MAX232 or an
equivalent counterpart (ICL232 ....)

CD32 Keyboard-Port      level-converter TTL->RS232     RS232

Pin4 +5V -------------Pin16
Pin3 GND -----------
--Pin15--------------------------GND Pin7
Pin2 TxD ------------>Pin10  (---|>*-)  Pin7-------->RxD Pin3
Pin6 RxD <------------Pin9   (--*<|--)  Pin8<--------Txd Pin2
             +--)|----Pin1                      +----DSR Pin6
             |    +                         (*) |
             +--------Pin3                      +----DCD Pin8
               C2                               |
             +--)|----Pin4                      +----DTR Pin20
             |    +

  +--------Pin5                      +----RTS Pin4
               C3                           (*) |
           GND--|(----Pin6                      +----CTS Pin5
               +    (Polung!)

           GND--)|----Pin16          (*) some computers need theese
                  +                  handshake connections to
               C5                    proper working
             | +    (Polung!)

shielding-----------------------------------------| |-shielding

connect the shielding of all cables to each other - but only
connect it to only ONE interface port connector (i used the
keyboard plug).

For the condensers C1..C5 you must get 1 uF electrolyt-condesers.
If your signal-converter is kind of the xxx232A (A-type) you must
use 0.1 uF instead (for C1..C5)       [source : Maxim Data Book]

Be careful with your explorations. I suggest the serial signals
are passed through directly to the PAULA chip - so they are
slightly sensitive.

For the communication between my CD32 and a PC/AT I use Twin_Express
( ->aminet )