CDTV Releases

NOTE: This list is far from complete!

Title: Own
12 Centuries of Art -
The 17bit Collection (2-CD) Yes
The 17bit Collection - Continuation Disc Yes
The 17bit Collection - Phase 4 Yes
The 17bit Collection - 5th Dimension Yes
The 17bit Collection - Level 6 Yes
A bun for Barney Yes
A hard day at the beach -
A hard day at the ranch Yes
Advanced Military Systems Yes
Air Warrior -
American Heritage -
Backgammon -
Barney Bear Goes Camping -
Barney Bear Goes to School Yes
Battlestorm Yes
Benjamin Bunny & Heather Hits Her First Strike -
Bridge Perfectionnement 1 Yes
Bridge Perfectionnement 2 Yes
Caplex Lexicon (Norway) Yes
Case of the Cautious Condor Yes
Casino Games -
CD Remix Yes
CD Remix 2 Yes
CDTV Language TV Yes
Chaos in Andromeda Yes
Cinderella Yes
Classic Board Games Yes
Commodore Business Machines Inc. Yes
Commodore CDTV Burning CD Yes
Covergirl Strip Poker Yes
Cubulus & the Magic Serpent Yes
Defender of the Crown Yes
Defender of the Crown 2 Yes
Demo Collection Yes
Demo Collection II Yes
Dinosaurs for Hire Yes
Dr. Wellman -
E.S.S. Mega Yes
Electronic Cookbook -
Emerald Mines -
Euroscene 1 Yes
Eyes of the eagle Yes
Fakta (Danish) Yes
Falcon -
Fantastic Voyage Yes
Fractal Universe Yes
Franzoesisch Sprachraetsel Yes
Fun School 3 Yes
Garden Fax 1 Yes
Garden Fax 2 Yes
Garden Fax 3 Yes
Garden Fax 4 Yes
Global Chaos! Yes
Guiness Disc of Records Yes
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon Yes
Here with the clues -
Herman der user & Co -
Heroic age of spaceflight (NASA 25th anniversary) Yes
Holiday Maker Yes
Indiana Jones 3 Yes
Karaoke CD -
Labyrinth of time -
Lemmings Yes
Les Chronologies Du Monde -
Logical Yes
Loom Yes
Mad TV Want
Mind Run Yes
Moving: Gives me a stomache ache Yes
Multimedia Toolkit Yes
Multimedia Toolkit 2 (2-CD) Yes
Murder makes strange deadfellows -
Music Color -
Music Maker Yes
My Paint Yes
New Grolier Encyclopedia -
Nightshift - Sound & Vision -
North Polar Expedition -
Now that's what i call games Yes
Paperback Princess Yes
Pandora's CD Yes
Power Pinball Yes
Prehistorik -
Prey: An Alien Encounter Yes
Pro Tennis Tour -
Psycho Killer Yes
Psygnosis CDTV Demo Yes
Raffles Yes
Read with Asterix - English Yes
Read with Asterix - French Yes
Scary Poems for rotten kids Yes
Sherlock Holmes - Consulting detective Yes
Sherman M4 Yes
Shiftrix & Lettrix Yes
Sim City Yes
Snoopy Yes
Space Wars Want
Spirit of Excalibur -
Stadt Der Loewen Yes
Super Games Pak Yes
Team Yankee Yes
The Curse of Ra Yes
The Illustrated Holy Bible Yes
The Illustrated Works of William Shakespeare Yes
The Hound of the Baskervilles Yes
The Hutchinson Encyclopedia Yes
The Tale of Peter Rabbit Yes
The Will-Bridge Practice Collection -
Tie Break Yes
Time Table of History - Politics and Media Yes
Time Table of History - Science and Innovation Yes
Town with no name Yes
Trivial Pursuit Yes
Turrican -
Turrican II Yes
Ultimate Basketball -
Velkommen til CDTV Yes
Welcome to CDTV Yes
Winzer Yes
Women in Motion Yes
World Vista Yes
Wrath of the Demon Yes
Xenon 2: Megablast Yes

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